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Top CD Rates in Fresno: First Week of January, 2011

Finding the highest CD rates in Fresno isn’t easy, but locating the best rates will get you that much closer to your savings goals.

Fresno Banking Rates is a comprehensive free resource for people like you who are searching for the best CD rates in Fresno. We do the comparison shopping among financial institutions so you don’t have to.

Highest Fresno, California CD Rates

Knowing the average CD rates in California will help you determine which banks are offering the best rates. The average CD rates this week include:

  • 6-month CD: .54% APY
  • One-year CD: .74% APY
  • Two-year CD: 1.11% APY

Fresno Banks and Credit Unions with the Highest CD Rates

In order to save you the trouble of tracking down the highest CD rates in Fresno, we’ve compiled a list of the banks and credit unions with the best offers today:

Best 6-Month CD Rate

  • Fresno Police Department Credit Union: .75% APY

Highest 12-Month CD Rate

  • Fresno Police Department Credit Union: .85% APY

Top 24-Month CD Rate

  • Fresno Police Department Credit Union: 1.25% APY

Saving money is important, but so is finding an account that will help grow your savings with a great interest rate. CD rates vary greatly by term and financial institution, so know that Fresno Banking Rates will always have current rates information to help you nail down the best CD account for you. Take a look at our Fresno bank directory if you’d like contact information for any of the above banks, as well additional financial institutions in your area.